Sweet catering with Karmello - Chocolate delight

Special occasions require an surprising and unique setting.  If you are wondering how to make a special event memorable for all your guests, then take advantage of our catering offer. We offer display stands in three sizes

Single display stand

  •  14 pieces Karmello SET in different flavors (1 box = 1 taste) or 14 pieces Karmello Standard
  • from 350 to 560 chocolates
  • price for a single display in 14-piece version Karmello SET in various flavors - 419.86 PLN / gross

Double display stand

  • 28 pieces Karmello SET in different flavors (1 box = 1 taste) or 28 pieces Karmello Standard
  • from 700 to 1120 chocolates
  • price for a double display in the 28-piece version Karmello SET in various flavors - 839.72 PLN / gross




Quad display stand

  • 56 pieces Karmello SET in different flavors (1 box = 1 flavor) or 56 pieces Karmello Standard
  • from 1400 to 2240 chocolates
  • price for a quadruple display in a version of 56 pieces Karmello SET in different flavors - 1679.44 PLN / gross

You can choose from all flavours of chocolates (33) available in Karmello chocolates and Karmello Standard collections. Each display stand can hold additional Karmello Collections in various flavours, or Karmello Standard at PLN 24.38 net / unit.

We also encourage you to combine our catering offer with the offer of logo chocolates. Display stands at your wedding reception, banquet, or any other event, will be a perfect addition to your personalized chocolates featuring e.g. a picture of the newlyweds or your child’s first communion photo. When ordering sets with logo chocolates from the SPECIAL ORDERS offer,

we charge refundable deposit for:

  • single display stand - 200 PLN

  • double display stand - 400 PLN

  • quad display stand - 800 PLN

General terms and conditions:

  1. All prices are net prices. Prices do not include 23% VAT.

  2. Prices do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are calculated individually based on order quantity. Transport costs are not calculated if the customer collects the goods directly at Karmello factory in Bielsko-Biała.

  3. The order will be processed upon advance payment of 100% of the value of the order. The payment can be made on the basis of pro-forma invoice which will be sent by Karmello via e-mail as a confirmation of the order. Processing of the order starts once the payment is credited to Karmello’s account – any delay in payment may cause a delay in the delivery of your order.

  4. Delivery time is set individually for each order. It greatly depends on the size of the order (can be extended especially during holiday periods).

  5. The refundable deposit for rental of display stands is:

    • single display stand - 200 PLN

    • double display stand - 400 PLN

    • quad display stand - 800 PLN

  6. The display stands we deliver to the customer as a part of our catering offer remain a sole property of Karmello. The customer is obliged to return the stands to Karmello within 14 days from the date of their collection. Upon receiving the stands intact, Karmello undertakes to return the deposit to the bank account specified by the customer.

  7. Return procedure:

    • The stands must be returned in the original cardboard boxes in which they were delivered to the customer. The boxes must be secured with adhesive tape to prevent accidental opening while transportation.

    • The secured package should be sent to the following address:

Karmello Rafał Dobrzański, ul. Gen. Maczka 9; 43-310 Bielsko-Biała

    • The customer bears all the expenses related to the return of the stands.

Order procedure:

  1. After exploring our product range, please send us the following information via e-mail:

type of the display stand

b) products to be displayed

c) any additional amounts of Karmello Collection sets of assorted flavours or Karmello Standard set

d) detailed information if you wish to combine the CATERING offer and SPECIAL ORDERS offer

e) contact information for shipping (or for individual collection of the goods at Karmello premises)

  1. Upon receiving the order, Karmello will confirm with an e-mail message that it is ready to process the order and arrange the fastest possible time of its completion. Upon acceptance by both parties of all the details related to processing of the order, Karmello will issue a pro-forma invoice. Non-business customers will be sent a calculation along with Karmello’s bank account number.

  2. The order will be processed when the payment has been credited to Karmello’s account.

  3. Once the order is ready to ship or be collected, the customer will be informed about the fact by e-mail.

  4. Should you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact the Karmello team at: +48 33 8161736 or 664769636 from 8:00 to 16:00 (on working days)