Traditional and immensely popular incarnation of chocolate, in an utterly new form of small pieces of dairy treat in the shape of delicious drops. A real delight for the palate.


Tiny pieces of delicious chocolate with a variety of aromas ... there is no better idea for a perfect snack. Among them you will find flavors ideal for children who will delight the palates of small connoisseurs. They are also great as an addition to homemade pastries, as well as a base for self-preparation of a delicious hot drink that will make more than one evening more enjoyable.
Additional Information
All our products are handmade. For this reason, there may be differences in the appearance, decoration and net weight of the unit product.
Store in a dry and cool place away from sources of light and heat.
Approximate weight: 120 gram
Expiry date: 12 month
Package dimensions: 5.5x6x9

Ingredients: sugar; cocoa butter; whole MILK powder; cocoa paste; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; natural vanilla flavour. Cocoa mass at least 33.5%.

THE PRODUCT MAY CONTAIN: gluten, nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts, pistachio, cashew nuts, peanuts, pecan nuts, almonds, sesame seeds, eggs and their derivatives.
Price: 2,99 EUR

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