Our unique chocolates in assorted selections are now available in an even wider variety of flavours. We have prepared for you a unique selection of all the flavours in one box. In addition to the standard items that Karmello aficionado know and love, we have also added the compositions of sweet caramel with cranberry or orange, exotic coconut, delicate milk chocolate with caramelised nuts, as well as something for those who seek new, unusual flavours - a combination of milk chocolate and red wine, highlighted by the sour taste of freeze-dried cherries. The ASSORTED EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION comprises the full range of the most perfect flavours and aromas, enrobed in high quality chocolate and painstakingly decorated with various inclusions.
Additional Information
Approximate weight: 205 gram
Expiry date: 3 month
Number of chocolates: 24 pieces
Package dimensions: 17x17x3.5