For businesses, promotional chocolates with logos

We are pleased to offer you promotional chocolates with logos that are always a perfect idea for a unique gift for your client or a contractor. A personalized chocolate with a logo is a proven sweet gift, which can be a true highlight of your advertising campaign, since, as we all know it, everyone likes chocolate.

Distributing promotional chocolates with your company's logo at various promotional events or a product première, is a truly effective marketing strategy, with which you can show your respect for your business partner or customer. Using carefully selected chocolates is a fun and delicious way to retain the company’s logo in your customers’ minds, at the same time building the elegant image of the brand.

If you wish your promotional chocolates to be an even more exclusive gift, we offer you a whole range of customization options: you can design your own printing on the packaging, create a customized paper band to go around the box, or have the product tied with a decorative ribbon or string.You are also free to select the chocolate flavours from Karmello collection to complete the remaining rowes of the box. All this to make your customers and business partners even more attached to your company.