A real must in your home patisserie! 

The set includes:

  • pistachio and cookie creams - unique delicacies in the form of light, delicate cream. A perfect addition to home-made pastries, desserts or sweet breakfasts.

  • white, milk, ruby and dark chocolate drops - tiny drop-shaped chocolate treats are an indispensable addition in every respectable home patisserie!

  • marzipan block - exquisite delicacy straight from the medieval Turkey. Prepared from carefully selected, roasted almonds and sugar, with a smooth texture, it is perfectly-suited to be enjoyed with family and friends. Remarkable plasticity of marzipan makes it a perfect addition to home-made pastries.


Additional Information
All our products are handmade. For this reason, there may be differences in the appearance, decoration and net weight of the unit product.
Store in a dry and cool place away from sources of light and heat.
Approximate weight: 830 gram
Expiry date: 12 month
Product quantity: 7