Noir Truffle Set

The timeless classic formed by the bold flavour of dark chocolate and cocoa to delight the most refined palates.

A product made by hand. Truffle fluffing is their natural feature and does not affect the quality and taste of the product.

Additional Information
All our products are handmade. For this reason, there may be differences in the appearance, decoration and net weight of the unit product.
Store in a dry and cool place away from sources of light and heat.
Approximate weight: 160 gram
Best before date: 3 month from the date of production
Number of chocolates: 16 pieces
Package dimensions: 17x17x3.5

NOIR TRUFFLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE WITH DARK CHOCOLATE FILLING (80 % cocoa) Ingredients: dark chocolate (42.5 %) (cocoa mass; sugar; cocoa butter; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring); dark chocolate (cocoa content – 80 %) (23 %) (cocoa mass; sugar; cocoa powder with reduced fat content; emulsifier: SOYA lecithin; natural vanilla flavouring); CREAM; unsweetened evaporated milk (MILK; stabilizers: sodium phosphates, sodium citrates); cocoa powder; crystallized inverted sugar syrup; stabilizer: sorbitol; emulsifier: glycerol; glucose syrup. Dark chocolate (cocoa content – 80 %): cocoa solids: 80 % minimum. Dark chocolate: cocoa solids: 54.1 % minimum. The product may contain: GLUTEN, NUTS, NAMELY: HAZELNUTS, WALNUTS, PISTACHIOS, CASHEW NUTS, ALMONDS, PEANUTS, PECAN NUTS; EGGS AND PRODUCTS THEREOF. Nutritional value / 100g of the product
Energy value 1871kJ / 451kcal
Fat, 32.0g
of which saturated fatty acids 19.0g
Carbohydrates 29.0g
of which sugars 26.0g
Protein, 6.0g
Salt 0.06g
Price: 9,49 EUR