Karmello Sweet pyramid

Special occasions require a surprising and unique setting. If you are wondering what to do to make special events memorable for all guests, we invite you to reach for the catering offer of Karmello. We offer you displays in three dimensions.

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Displays in three dimensions

You can choose from all flavors (33) from the Karmello and Karmello Standard chocolate collections. Each display can be extended with additional amounts of Karmello Sets in various flavors or Karmello Standard at PLN 37,99 gross / piece. We also encourage you to combine the catering offer with logged chocolates.

Displays at your wedding, banquet or other celebration will perfectly match chocolates designed by you, e.g. photo of the bride and groom, communion photo of a child.

Single display

  • 14 pieces of Karmello SET in different flavors (1 box = 1 flavor) or 14 pieces of Karmello Standard
  • from 350 to 560 chocolates
  • price for a single display in the version of 14 pieces Karmello SET in various flavors – PLN 531,86 / gross
Single display

Double display

  • 28 pieces of Karmello SET in various flavors (1 box = 1 flavor) or 28 pieces of Karmello Standard
  • from 700 to 1120 chocolates
  • price for a double display in the version of 28 pieces Karmello SET in different flavors – PLN 1 063,72 / gross
Double display

Quadruple display

  • 56 pieces of Karmello SET in various flavors (1 box = 1 flavor) or 56 pieces of Karmello Standard
  • from 1400 to 2240 chocolates
  • price for a quadruple display in the version of 56 pieces Karmello SET in various flavors – PLN 2 127,44 / gross
Quadruple display

General Terms and Conditions

The given prices are gross prices.

Prices do not include transport costs. Shipping costs are charged individually based on the size of the order. Transport costs are not charged in the case of individual collection at the Karmello factory in Bielsko-Biała.

The order fulfillment process begins after making a prepayment of 100% of the order value. Payment can be made on the basis of a proforma invoice, which will be sent by e-mail as an order confirmation from Karmello. The execution of the order begins when the payment is credited to Karmello’s account – delays related to making the payment may delay the agreed delivery date of the order.

The order fulfillment time is set individually each time. It depends on the size of the order (it may be extended especially during holiday periods).

The deposit for renting metal racks is:

single display – PLN 200
double display – PLN 400
quadruple display – PLN 800

Metal racks sent to the customer as part of the offer for chocolate catering remain the property of Karmello. The customer is obliged to return the racks to Karmello within 14 days of receiving them. After receiving the racks in an undamaged condition, Karmello undertakes to return the deposit to the bank account number indicated by the customer.

Rack return procedure:

  • The stand should be packed in the original carton in which it was delivered to the customer. The carton should be secured against opening with adhesive tape.
  • The package prepared in this way should be sent to the following address: Karmello Rafał Dobrzański, ul. Gen. Maczka 9; 43-300 Bielsko-Biala
  • The return of the racks is at the expense of the Ordering Party.

Order procedure

After getting acquainted with the offer, please send us the following information by e-mail:

a) type of display

b) filling the display

c) any additional amounts of Karmello Sets in different flavors or Karmello Standard

d) detailed information on the possible combination of the CATERING offer with the SPECIAL ORDERS offer – ordering procedure and prices

e) contact details for shipping (possibly the possibility of individual collection at the Karmello factory)

Po zapoznaniu się z zamówieniem firma Karmello potwierdzi drogą e-mail możliwość realizacji zamówienia oraz ustali najszybszy możliwy termin. Po akceptacji wszystkich szczegółów dotyczących realizacji zamówienia przez obie strony firma Karmello wystawi fakturę proforma. Dla osób nie prowadzących działalności gospodarczej wysłana zostanie kalkulacja wraz z numerem konta bankowego.
Po zaksięgowaniu wpłaty na koncie firma Karmello rozpoczyna proces realizacji zamówienia.
W momencie, kiedy zamówienie będzie gotowe do wysyłki lub odbioru klient zostanie poinformowany o tym drogą e-mail.
W razie jakichkolwiek pytań zespół Karmello pozostaje do dyspozycji po numerem tel. +48 33 8161736 lub 664769636 w godzinach od 8:00 do 16:00 (dotyczy dni roboczych)