FAQ Najczęściej zadawane pytania

How long does it take to process an order?

In the pre-Christmas period, the order processing time is approximately 3 weeks from the moment of posting the payment and determining the details of the order.

Can I print on the packaging?

This is how we print on the packaging.

A one-time fee for the film in the amount of PLN 60.00 net (overprint made in one color) will be added to sets with an overprint on the packaging. It is also not possible to choose the color of the print according to Pantone or CMYK, RGB.
The cost of printing on Karmello boxes is as follows:
– PLN 2.89 net each piece of print for the amount of 50-200,
– PLN 2.49 net each piece of print for the amount of 201-1000,
– PLN 1.99 net each piece of print for quantities over 1000 pieces.
We make one free visualization with the possibility of 1 change after receiving it, subsequent visualizations are paid PLN 60.00 net for each.

Can you make a band on the package?

We make bands per package when ordering a minimum of 50 pieces. If you are interested in this form of personalization, please contact us by e-mail so that we can send you guidelines and a dimensional grid in order to make a band for the packaging.
The cost of the band depends on the type of packaging chosen.

What is the cost of order delivery?

The cost of delivery depends on the number of shipping cartons. For one shipping carton, the delivery cost is PLN 15.45 / net.

Can I get a discount on an order?

We grant discounts depending on the net value of the order. The first discount threshold applies to orders with a value of min. PLN 1,000 net.

Can I pay for my order with a payment method other than bank transfer?

You can only pay for your order by bank transfer. It is not possible to pay for a “special order” in any other way.

Can the packaging be in a color other than black?

Packaging is available only in black, as shown in the photos in our offer. It is not possible to choose a different color of the packaging.

Can an order be placed by phone?

We do not accept orders over the phone. An order can be placed via our website or by e-mail by writing to us at info@karmello.pl

In what format should I provide the logo for printing?

The logo should be sent to us in JPG format – this is the only format supported by the program for graphic preparation of the logo for printing.

Can any graphics be printed on the chocolate?

We have no limits as to the graphics that can be made on the chocolate, however, too small and detailed graphics may be invisible after printing on the chocolate – it has dimensions of approx. 2×3 cm.

Can the order be picked up at a stationary point?

Orders placed via the website or by e-mail are delivered to our customers via a courier company, while the receipt of the order is possible only at the company’s headquarters in Bielsko-Biała.